Integrate rather than segregate

In Robin Wall Kimmerer’s magnificent book “Braiding Sweetgrass” she invites the reader to think about the fact that, in her view, “All flourishing is mutual.” Or put simply, that when we fail to be mutual we cannot flourish. We are only as vibrant, healthy, and alive as the most vulnerable among us. She goes onContinue reading “Integrate rather than segregate”

Design From Patterns to Details

“Writing a play is like smashing that (glass) ashtray, filming it in slow motion, and then running the film in reverse so that the fragments of rubble seem to fly together. You start – or at least I start with the rubble.”  TOM STOPPARD “Design from pattern to details” is an idea which comes fromContinue reading “Design From Patterns to Details”

New Storybox Themes for 2021

As we head into the New Year it also means that we head into a new run of themes for our Storybox sessions. Here is what you can expect until summer! Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Week Five January Food and Drink Snowy Days Scotland (St Andrew’s Day) Books and Reading WinterContinue reading “New Storybox Themes for 2021”

The Storybox Project – Care Home Drop In

Our drop in sessions for care homes are a development of the work that we have been developing online during lockdown.  Each session is an hour long and takes place on Zoom. It offers a welcoming and accessible environment which is fun, full of creative activities designed especially for people with memory loss or dementiaContinue reading “The Storybox Project – Care Home Drop In”

Treasury of Arts Activities for Older People – call for contributions.

We are delighted to be working with The Baring Foundation and The Rayne Foundation to produce a second treasury of arts activities for older people.  Building on the success of the first treasury this new publication will be a practical guide for anybody who supports older people professionally or as a volunteer who would likeContinue reading “Treasury of Arts Activities for Older People – call for contributions.”

Changes to The Storybox Project AT HOME

The way that people access The Storybox Project AT HOME, our online resource for dementia friendly activities, is about to change. In order to make our resources as accessible as possible we will no longer be charging subscribers to access our site – instead we will be asking users to make a voluntary contribution toContinue reading “Changes to The Storybox Project AT HOME”

Storybox at Bury Art Museum – The Seaside

In lieu of our regular Storybox session at Bury Art Museum , which normally runs on the second Tuesday of each month, we have decided to share more dementia friendly activity ideas here instead! This month our theme is “The Seaside”. All of the activities require minimal equipment, and anything that you need should beContinue reading “Storybox at Bury Art Museum – The Seaside”