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Resonance of Seclusion – Audience Responses

“Such a touching story… A privilege to experience.”


“Lovely story, quirky and individual.”

“Completely perfect. Left me feeling immersed in wonder.”

“The air of a bedtime story, moving performances and an audience that didn’t move at the end. Beautiful.”

“I swear us audience stopped breathing at times. Just wonderful.”

“Quirky and stylish… a novel treat.”

“Lovely moving story-telling… Family, love, life and art.”


“Simply beautiful… Touching story of humility and family love. We salute you Joash Woodrow”

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  1. Thank you for allowing the opportunity of engaging with outstanding performances in the telling of a moving and thought provoking story. Being seated so close to the actors it was possible to feel absorbed into the space and therefore not merely an observer. It became almost impossible to suppress tears of emotion towards the end, such was the quality of acting. Present reduced income usually results in my not being able to access creative events. However, my mental and physical well-being benefited enormously through this being free. Thank you to all concerned.

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