“Cinderella’s Pumpkin” – created at Knighthill House

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Is it a pineapple? Or a bunch of bananas? Whatever it is it’s cold. Is it a candle? Or an orange? Or an apple? Feels like fruit of some kind Feels funny Feels cold – brrrr! Can I eat it for my dinner? Lovely Silky Very nice Is it real? It’s bloomin’ heavyContinue reading ““Cinderella’s Pumpkin” – created at Knighthill House”

The Resonance of Seclusion – Touring in 2013

Today has been a good day as, this morning, a big fat envelope dropped through the letterbox onto the mat telling us that our application to Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts had been successful. This means we will be touring The Resonance of Seclusion to five new venues in early 2013. ForContinue reading “The Resonance of Seclusion – Touring in 2013”

You Tell Me Yours – On The Road

You Tell Me Yours is a creative exchange between an adult and a teenager where they put their heads together to solve the problems of life, the world and the universe. Following its successful premiere at Hazard Festival in Manchester earlier in the summer we are now pleased to announce that we will be goingContinue reading “You Tell Me Yours – On The Road”

Bring Stories to Life – Lancashire Workforce Development Partnership

Last Thursday we spent the day in Preston with Lancashire Workforce Development Partnership. We spent the day working with a group of 10 care professionals investigating how participatory storytelling can be used to improve the health and well-being of people with dementia. The session was inspiring and though provoking, in particular around the consideration ofContinue reading “Bring Stories to Life – Lancashire Workforce Development Partnership”

Caravan at Brighton Festival

A brief but busy 24 hours in Brighton for Caravan as part of Brighton Festival. We spent our time: Seeing sun like we hadn’t seen in ages and basking in it on a beach full of people who’d had exactly the same idea as us. Trying to eat incredibly melty Brighton Rock ice-cream before our fingers got too coveredContinue reading “Caravan at Brighton Festival”

Caravan 2012

We are delighted to have been selected to join the exchange event at the Caravan 2012 Showcase. Caravan is a three-day showcase of site specific, interactive and incidental performance presented as part of Brighton Festival. The curated programme features England’s most exciting artists from established international names to the brightest new talent. 
It is aContinue reading “Caravan 2012”