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Introduction to Permaculture for Artists and Creatives: A course designed specifically with artists and creatives in mind which introduces the basic concepts of Permaculture and explores how these ideas can be used to deepen creative practice and to bring a new ethical basis to projects, particularly in relation to ecology, natural systems and regenerative cultures.

Creative Roots – An online forum for artists and creatives that meets monthly to explore ideas around arts, imagination, creativity and Permaculture, and the way that these things can be used to develop regenerative cultures.

Permaculture Zine – A zine about Permaculture, creativity and imagination. Aimed at those of us who are inspired by Permaculture Design as a tool to create regenerative cultures, but who don’t have acres of land.

Mud and Culture: Child led outdoor groups which support participants to explore and enjoy a range of outdoor spaces using Permaculture, art and creativity as a foundation for exploration.