Final month of Nature’s Winter

Nature’s Winter is a unique installation at Windermere Jetty inspired by the weather and our surroundings. It explores nature and weather through a sensory experience of light, sound and story. It runs from 1 December to 1 March 2020 and is designed to encourage people to slow down and enjoy the finer details in theContinue reading “Final month of Nature’s Winter”

Nature’s Winter

We are delighted to be working with The Windermere Jetty to explore weather, its place in the natural world, and the way that it is changing. Weather surrounds us constantly. It links us to nature and grounds us as part of the natural world. There are few places that this link is so apparent asContinue reading “Nature’s Winter”

Storybox Creative Cafe – Bury’s Creative Dementia Club

This September we are delighted to be returning to Bury Art Museum for a brand new season of STORYBOX – CREATIVE CAFE sessions. The sessions are designed specifically for people living with dementia, alongside the people that support them. Each session uses imagination, stories and poetry as a starting point to inspire a range ofContinue reading “Storybox Creative Cafe – Bury’s Creative Dementia Club”

How does success look?

For all of us working creatively with people living with dementia it can be an ever changing playing field where people’s needs can shift and change significantly over short periods of time. In this context how is it possible to identify when an activity has been successful, and how may that success manifest itself? OnContinue reading “How does success look?”