Some People Are Great Story Tellers

Some people are great at telling stories. Saul Woodrow is one of those people.

On Thursday we spent the afternoon at his house learning more about Joash and his life. For three hours, like a seasoned performer, Saul had us engrossed in the story of his brother, his family and himself. With the help of his wife Sylvia he took us through the story of Joash’s life with the delicacy and integrity of someone who absolutely wants to get it right but with the humour of someone who realises that life is too short and too precious not to see the funny side.

We left at the end of the afternoon with our heads full of too many stories to even think about, with an astonishing level of inspiration and a new-found understanding of why telling this story how it needs to be told is the most crucial thing that we need to get right.

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