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The Storybox Project

A groundbreaking project focussed upon creativity and dementia. It is used imagination as a starting point to engage people and support them to improve their health and wellbeing, engage with others and have fun.

2005 – 2023

A Love Letter to Bury

A project which invited people living in Bury to share the things that they loved about their town. These ideas were used to create a zine which tried to capture the essence of why the town is loved so much.


Overspill Project

A partnership with Cartwheel Arts supporting people living with dementia to share memories and stories of the movement of people from Manchester’s slums to the newly built overspill estates in the 1950’s and 1960’s.


You Must Remember This

A partnership with Cartwheel Arts exploring the way that archive material can be used as a starting point to develop creative activities which are accessible to people living with dementia.


Nature’s Winter

A partnership with The Windermere Jetty creating an installation to explore weather, its place in the natural world, and the way that it is changing.


Hull City of Culture Residency


A six month residency in Hull as part of City of Culture 2017 developing a dementia friendly programme inspired by elements of City of Culture.

National Football Museum Project

A project working to create a brand-new football inspired creative workshop designed especially for people living with dementia. WE also developed training sessions for volunteers and staff to develop their capacity to develop dementia friendly creative projects.


Heritage Trees Project – Dementia Naturally Active

We worked to develop a bespoke training session and resource exploring how our STORYBOX methodology could be used to engage people living with a dementia in natural spaces. This work was part of the Dementia Naturally Active project which involved running indoor and outdoor nature based activities to improve health and wellbeing


Tales of the Waterways

A project taking inspiration from the Salford stretch of the world famous Bridgewater Canal to develop dementia friendly creative sessions for the Roe Green Buddy Club.


Once Upon a Time

Working alongside SARF (The Social Action and Research Foundation) this was a community based creative project exploring the idea of growing up from a child’s perspective.


How Do You See Me?

In an age when culture is obsessed with youth how does a person’s sense of their own identity change as they get older?

2013 – 2015

The Island

An exploration of creative collaboration between professional artists and older people with dementia. The project investigated age, memory and identity, and how these ideas can manifest themselves in performance.


Every Street Has a Story to Tell

A partnership with Manchester City Council exploring the secret histories of East Manchester. Working in collaboration with local partners to discover where personal and public stories meet, and the part that heritage plays in all of our lives.


4D Creative – Stoddart House

As part of a joint agreement between 4D creative and Mersey Care we worked to test out the impact of using technology to create an immersive experience for people with dementia, their carers and the practitioners involved in their care. This took place in a brand new immersive space installed in the Clarence Ward at Stoddart House in Aintree from March to August 2013


The Resonance of Seclusion – Tour

A performance exploring extraordinary story inspired of Joash Woodrow’s life – his unstoppable drive to create and the equally unstoppable support of his family that made his artistic life a reality.


Memories of Mr Seel’s Garden

A project exploring how engaging local communities with the changing patterns of urban food production might contribute to current grassroots efforts within Liverpool to raise awareness around current food issues.


You Tell Me Yours

A series of interactions that create safe spaces where adults can talk to teenagers they’ve never met before. And ask the questions that they’ve always wanted to ask, whilst also putting their heads together to solve the problems of the world.


Was It Something I Said?

Created in partnership with norfox and The Library Theatre Company, Was It Something I Said was a brand new piece of performance created with and by young people with audiences of all ages in mind.