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The Storybox Project – AT HOME – For Groups

Storybox centre 3 © Roshana Rubin-Mayhew_94

Do you work with groups of older people living with dementia? This may be as an a volunteer with a dementia group, a dementia friend, a dementia worker, activity co-ordinator…? Then The Storybox Project : At Home could be for you.

It is a fun and inclusive activities programme which uses imagination and creativity as a starting point. Building upon 12 years of practical experience, and work with hundreds of group, it enables those supporting people living with dementia to engage in creative, imaginative activities within group settings such as carehomes, day centres, dementia cafes…etc…  It empowers subscribers to develop their own person centred activities, based upon a foundation of empathy, togetherness, and fun, focusing upon the value of participation in the moment and upon having fun.

Each Storybox activity serves as a starting point to:

  • Create shared experiences.
  • Encourage an affirmed sense of self.
  • Improve physical health.
  • Improve self esteem and confidence.

Subscribers have access to training, resources and support to explore a range of activities which are creative, accessible and fun. We provide:

  • Access to an exclusive project website where there are hundreds of themed workshop plans and activities for groups.
  • A range of new activity ideas each week supported by the resources that you will need to deliver them presented as easy step by step “how to” guides.
  • The opportunity to search the workshop and activity archive to access hundreds of additional resources.
  • A monthly email newsletter full of news, tips and ideas related to The Storybox Project AT HOME.
  • The opportunity to join an online community to connect with other users of The Storybox Project AT HOME.

Explore a selection of the project’s resources here

Thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund we are currently able to offer free access to our resources for a limited number of groups and families.

Ready to sign up? You can do so HERE.

Still got a question about the programme? We would be happy to answer it for you.

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