Introduction to Permaculture for Artists and Creatives

Welcome to the Introduction to Permaculture for Artists and Creatives – we are delighted that you have found your way here.

What is it?

A unique 4 x half day course certified by the Permaculture Association and delivered online by Liz Postlethwaite, permaculture designer and director of Small Things Creative Projects. Read Liz’s profile on the Permaculture Association website here. And explore her creative portfolio here.

The course has been designed specifically with artists and creatives in mind and will introduce the basic concepts of Permaculture. It will also explore how these ideas can be used to deepen creative practice and to bring a new ethical basis to projects, particularly in relation to ecology, natural systems and regenerative cultures.

What is Permaculture Design?

A set of tools, based around the ethics of earth care, people care and fairshare, which help us reconnect with the natural world and to create projects and work with a strong ethical, ecological and regenerative foundation.

Who is it for?

Anybody working as an artist, creative or facilitator in the cultural / creative sector who would like to explore how Permaculture Design could help to develop and deepen their creative practice.

We will:

  • Learn about the permaculture ethics and principles and think about how they can be used to deepen creative practice.
  • Learn more about permaculture design and how it can be used in creative contexts.
  • Explore examples of art / culture and permaculture projects.
  • Explore practical ways that permaculture design can be used within creative projects.
  • Learn more about the permaculture network and explore how it can support you to expand your permaculture learning beyond the course.

Upcoming Courses:

The course takes place online on Zoom will be running twice in 2024.

Spring: Thursday 9th May, Thursday 16th May, Thursday 23rd May, Thursday 30th May. All spring sessions will run from 6pm until 9pm (British Time)

Autumn: Saturday 19th October, Saturday 26th October, Saturday 2nd November, Saturday 9th November. All autumn sessions will run from 9.30am until 12.30pm (British Time)

Attendance and Session Recording:

All sessions are recorded and can be watched back online by attendees for six months after the course has finished. All notes and slides from the sessions will also be shared.

You need to attend 3 out of 4 sessions live in order to achieve certification.

How much does the course cost?

Organisation / Pay it forward : £180

Full : £120

Reduced rate : £60

There are also a number of free bursary places – see the booking form for more information.

How do I decide what to pay?

We choose to use sliding scale to encourage people to pay according to their available resources. It encourages those with greater financial privilege to contribute more, allowing those with less access, to pay according to their means. This allows us to run our courses while making accessibility as broad as possible. This image, based on the Green Bottle sliding scale may help you decide which price to choose.

Green Bottle is a Sliding Scale model that is inclusive of different financial experiences. Developed by community healing practitioner Alexis J. Cunningfolk, the Green Bottle Method is an economic justice tool that enables participants to adjust payment based on access to resources.

If you feel that you would be able to make a contribution which is different to the outlined figures please let us know when you book your place.


Feedback from previous participants:

“I completed this course this weekend and cannot recommend enough. It is enlightening, hopeful and really transformational for thinking about practice. To be honest it should be compulsory for all of us in the sector”

“It felt so rich and stimulating. Even though it took place on Zoom, it felt dynamic and collaborative. There were lots of chances to talk together, make notes and feedback, meaning I felt like a active participant in the course”

“I loved learning about the design tools and how they could be used. The group work was invaluable in helping me see varying perspectives on the same tools. I loved meeting so many inspirational people.”

“I thought you illuminated the permaculture ideas and concepts so clearly and beautifully, in a way that made it accessible and relevant to artistic practice. I also loved the spirit of open enquiry that was fostered and sharing of discussions and ideas with a diverse and interesting community of artists.”

Still got a question about the course? Or would you like us to run a bespoke course for your organisation or group?