The Storybox Project – Heritage Trees


Over recent months we have been delighted to work with Manchester City of Trees  as part of their Heritage Trees project. This four-year initiative aims to celebrate, record and protect local tree heritage – the trees, woodlands, hedgerows and orchards which are part of the fabric of our towns and cities. With funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the project will create a unique online interactive database of people’s stories, memories and photographs of their local tree heritage – as well as maps showing where to find trees of interest in Greater Manchester.

We worked with the team to develop a bespoke training session and resource exploring how our STORYBOX methodology could be used to engage people living with a dementia in their project, with particular focus upon creative ways to engage in natural spaces, and enjoy them. This work was part of their Dementia Naturally Active project which involved running indoor and outdoor nature based activities to improve health and wellbeing.