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The Storybox Project AT HOME is a dementia friendly project which is free and open to all. It is an online resource which provides hundreds of dementia friendly creative activity ideas which are accessible and easy to try.

It supports people to live well, with creativity as part of everyday life. It is based upon a foundation of empathy, imagination, empowerment and togetherness as a starting point to engage, enliven and empower people living with dementia alongside the people that support them. It has been developed over the last decade through work with thousands of people living with dementia – you can find out more about it’s history here.

It focuses upon the value of participation in the moment and the engagement and the power of fun and laughter. Each Storybox activity serves as a starting point to:

  • Create shared experiences.
  • Encourage an affirmed sense of self.
  • Improve physical health.
  • Improve self esteem and confidence.

Subscribers have access to an online community full of dementia friendly activity ideas which are free to access and easy to try.

Start exploring our resources here

“I’ve learned that you should never give up on anyone. It’s reminded me that there is always memory, personhood, response. It’s been quite incredible.”

“It keeps us normal. It takes our old age away.”

“It’s a rare chance for that person to reclaim themselves. To be whoever they want and to live in the moment, and just for that second, to be free without fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, and not needing anyone else by their side to guide them.”

“The themes are brilliant – it just brings everybody together. Being creative, making things, music, exercise, writing…it’s a great.”

Image credit – James Mulkeen

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