How Do You See Me?

DSC_0021 editHow Do You See Me?

Originally performed at London College of Fashion as part of Mirror Mirror on Wednesday 30th October 2013.

Royal Academy of Arts – Friday 4th April 2014.

Abbot Hall Art GalleryThursday 14th May 2015.

In an age when culture is obsessed with youth how does a person’s sense of their own identity change as they get older?

Over two years we developed this performance lecture where a group of older people talked about how their sense of self had evolved over the course of their lives; revealing the current way that they saw themselves, and how this perception has changed over the years. It revealed the experiences of a lifetime as older people posed questions and triggered conversations. And explored how age can shape a sense of self that is confident, adventurous and fun.

Described by The Guardian as “a cracking little piece of theatre”

“I enjoyed the humour and simultaneous lightheartedness and honestyI really loved it!”

“Honest, charming, reflective.”

“Funny, interesting, thought provoking.”

“Dignified, moving, uplifting.”

“I loved hearing perspectives on age and ageing that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise. The group shared memories and answers that challenged my expectations about how older people perceive themselves.”

 What the trailer for the show here

Image Credit: Chris Payne