Mud and Culture

Mud and Culture are child led outdoor groups which support participants to explore and enjoy a range of outdoor spaces using Permaculture, art and creativity as a foundation for exploration.

The groups are places for children and their families to come together, have fun and build connections. We explore a range of spaces and provide a safe place in which children can connect to nature and learn about the natural world. Each session aims to cultivate curiosity through the exploration of a range of simple and accessible activities which have a sense of sharing, togetherness and respect at their core.

The sessions are facilitated by a qualified Permaculture Designer who has particular experience in using permaculture design within community settings.

Example Sessions:

  • Water
  • Wind and weather
  • Patterns – Autumn
  • Trees
  • Exploring Landscapes
  • Landscape Survey
  • Making a map
  • Seasonal Celebrations