Changes to The Storybox Project AT HOME

The way that people access The Storybox Project AT HOME, our online resource for dementia friendly activities, is about to change. In order to make our resources as accessible as possible we will no longer be charging subscribers to access our site – instead we will be asking users to make a voluntary contribution toContinue reading “Changes to The Storybox Project AT HOME”

FREE Dementia Friendly Creative Resources

If you are a member of The Storybox Project : At Home please sign in here. The Storybox Project : At Home is a fun and inclusive programme of activities which uses imagination and creativity as a starting point. Building upon 12 years of practical experience, and work with thousands of people living with dementia,Continue reading “FREE Dementia Friendly Creative Resources”

How does success look?

For all of us working creatively with people living with dementia it can be an ever changing playing field where people’s needs can shift and change significantly over short periods of time. In this context how is it possible to identify when an activity has been successful, and how may that success manifest itself? OnContinue reading “How does success look?”

Treasury of Art Activities for Older People

Over the last year we have been delighted to work with The Baring Foundation to create a treasury of arts activities for older people. This consists of 50 activities to be used in any setting with older people and includes contributions from some of the leading artists and organisations creating work with, by and forContinue reading “Treasury of Art Activities for Older People”