Treasury For Participatory Arts and Older People

Storybox centre 3 © Roshana Rubin-Mayhew_19

We are currently working with The Baring Foundation to create a treasury for participatory artists working with older people. This document will be a practical guide for participatory artists who are working with, or who would like to with older people. In a simple, accessible style it will offer contextual tips and suggestions on this work, alongside a wide range of activities / exercises across art forms and suggestions on how to develop this work further.
As part of this we are inviting all organisations and individuals who work creatively with older people if they would like to submit an exercise or activity to be considered for inclusion. Each activity that is included will be presented in a “recipe” type form with the aspiration that readers will be able to try the activity themselves. Activities can focus on a single art form or may tap into a range of different ones, and should be low cost or free to run.

If you are interested in getting involved you need to send the following in the first instance:

  • A brief paragraph outlining the activity / exercise
  • Activity length
  • Suitability eg dementia friendly, large groups, individuals…etc…
  • Context eg care homes
  • Atmosphere eg relaxing, energetic, focus

If your activity is chosen for inclusion you will then be asked to provide step by step instructions for running the activity, and a high resolution photo to support it which has consent for use. We would ask that initial ideas are provided before Friday 25th May.

Thanks in advance for your support. And please do get in contact if you require additional information.

Submissions and queries to: