Springwater Secrets

Have you ever wondered what type of wind you will find in Springwater Park? What the trees are trying to tell us? What magical creatures are hidden in Springy’s nooks and crannies?

Well lucky for you, over the coming months, world famous explorer Professor Jigget will be on hand to help you answer these questions! Join him to help discover the secrets of Springwater Park and learn more about the flora and fauna that inhabits our park.

How can you get involved?

  • Join Professor Jigget in the park in our monthly creative workshops, designed for adventurous children aged 5 and upwards, and their grown ups. These workshops are free and open to all and will take place from 2pm – 3pm on 9th April, 21st May, 11th June, 17th July, 20th August and 18th September.
  • Get a grown up to sign up for the Springwater Secrets mailing list to receive monthly nature challenges that you can try yourself. You will receive these by email and they will be things that you can have a go of in Springwater Park, or in any other park, garden or greenspace!