Participatory Artists’ Forum

Image credit: Roshana Rubin Mayhew

It has always taken a certain degree of tenacity and bravery to earn your living as a participatory artist, but now more than ever that’s true. It’s a life which can be relentless sometimes feeling like you go from day to day, moment to moment, without the head space to really think about what your vision is for your work and practice, and about what you could do to achieve it. On top of that current social restrictions around Covid can leave you feeling isolated as the opportunities to connect and share with others can be so hard to achieve.

Our Participatory Artists’ Forum has been created specifically with these things in mind. It will be a series of structured group coaching sessions for participatory artists to share the challenges and successes that they are currently experiencing in their practice and to receive feedback and support.

The series runs for between 6 and 9 sessions which are one hour long and take place on Zoom, followed by an optional half hour check in. At each session there is a short learning share of 2 minutes looking at anything related to participatory arts in the widest sense then the bulk of the time is devoted to looking at a challenge or question that a member brings and going round each person for focussed feedback.

If you have any questions or would be interested to join the group you can email us here

Feedback from previous participants:

“It filled me with more confidence, knowing what others are on with too and to know I could ask the group for support (on my share) for ideas and their thoughts.”

The other participants were extremely generous in sharing their knowledge and experience and it was a lovely supportive atmosphere.

“I loved meeting artists from different regions and the juicy conversations. The structure was excellent – in particular it supported everyone to contribute.”