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Creative Calls

Do you know an older person who lives alone or who might enjoy taking part in a creative project? Creative Calls combines creativity and befriending to give older people the chance to explore their imagination in the comfort of their own home. Through a series of three phone calls a professional artist from our teamContinue reading “Creative Calls”

Setting The Scene

Sometimes the biggest challenge when trying something creative is getting somebody to join in in the first place. If an activity feels too “set up” it may make a person feel inhibited which means they are less likely to take a chance and give the activity a go. So if you are trying activities withContinue reading “Setting The Scene”

Storybox at Bury Art Museum – The Seaside

In lieu of our regular Storybox session at Bury Art Museum , which normally runs on the second Tuesday of each month, we have decided to share more dementia friendly activity ideas here instead! This month our theme is “The Seaside”. All of the activities require minimal equipment, and anything that you need should beContinue reading “Storybox at Bury Art Museum – The Seaside”

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