Making A Seasonal Bird Feeder


You will need:

  • One apple each
  • An apple corer (OPTIONAL)
  • Two small sticks each (dowling is fine if you can’t get twigs)
  • String
  • Sunflower Seeds

To begin:

  • Core your apples so that they are ready to use, and lay out your materials.


  • Thread the string through the apple.
  • Make an ‘X’ with the sticks and tie them to the string so the apple sits on top.
  • Make a pattern by pushing the seeds into the apple, then it’s ready to hang up!

You could also:

  • Once the feeder is hanging in your garden you could use it as a focus to come back to and discuss each day.
  • Which birds do you see on it?
  • What time is it busiest?
  • Are there other treats that you could add to it instead of sunflowers?