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Every Street Has A Story To Tell

Image courtesy of the Medlock Valley Project

Image courtesy of the Medlock Valley Project

Every Street Has A Story To Tell was a cultural celebration for East Manchester.

Started in January 2013, it took inspiration from local stories that we find all around us. In year one Every Street worked with groups in the area to find creative ways of sharing and telling these community tales. This was done through three creative residencies where writers, artists and musicians worked with local groups to think of new ways of story telling, through the development of a week of community inspired events where everyone had the chance to rediscover their neighbourhood, and through a mini-festival which took place at Beswick Library in April 2013.

Beginning again in 2014 we continued to explore the secret histories of East Manchester working in collaboration with local partners to discover where personal and public stories meet, and the part that heritage plays in all of our lives.

Find out more about the project here

This project was a collaboration between Small Things and Manchester City Council