Deep Time Walks

A Deep Time Walk is a transformative journey through 4.6bn years of Earth history via an interactive 4.6km narrated walk. It is an invitation to view the world differently, encouraging positive action and advocacy for a regenerative Earth. Our vision is to create an ensemble of geographically specific and culturally nuanced Deep Time Walks, providing a unique intercultural platform that helps bring about a flourishing ecological civilisation.

Earlier in the year we discovered the idea of a Deep Time Walk in a book we were reading – The Way Home by Mark Boyle. We loved the idea of it so much that wedecided to run one ourselves on Sunday 27th June around Holcombe Hill in Bury.

Feedback from our walkers:

“I thought it was great when you linked time to events we’d be able to put into context as the concept of how old the earth is, is pretty mind blowing.”

“Interesting. Informative. Eye-opening.”

“I loved spending time thinking about the blip of our existence in relation to the history of the planet! And chatting to other people!”

“It was great learning / experiencing that long time through the distance. The last part with the ruler was really fascinating and brought home how little time human’s have been here.”

Would you like us to run a Deep Time Walk for you?

Email for more information and to check availability.