Final month of Nature’s Winter

Nature’s Winter is a unique installation at Windermere Jetty inspired by the weather and our surroundings. It explores nature and weather through a sensory experience of light, sound and story. It runs from 1 December to 1 March 2020 and is designed to encourage people to slow down and enjoy the finer details in theContinue reading “Final month of Nature’s Winter”

Every Street Has A Story To Tell

Every Street Has A Story To Tell is a celebration of community stories that we have been running in East Manchester since January 2013, culminating in a celebration event at Beswick Library on Saturday 6th April. At Small Things we are fascinated and inspired by community narratives and this project has been a superb demonstrationContinue reading “Every Street Has A Story To Tell”

You Tell Me Yours – On The Road

You Tell Me Yours is a creative exchange between an adult and a teenager where they put their heads together to solve the problems of life, the world and the universe. Following its successful premiere at Hazard Festival in Manchester earlier in the summer we are now pleased to announce that we will be goingContinue reading “You Tell Me Yours – On The Road”

You Tell Me Yours – Hazard Festival

We are delighted to have a piece of work in this year’s Hazard Festival in Manchester on Saturday 21st July. You Tell Me Yours is a brand new piece of performance asking: ” How often do you talk to teenagers that you don’t know?..How do you think you may see the world differently if youContinue reading “You Tell Me Yours – Hazard Festival”