Creative Ideas For Keeping Cool

Hot summer weather is a real treat but it can also be an uncomfortable and unsettling time for people who are living with dementia. Alongside all the standard advice for keeping cool how can you use the creative activities that you are planning to help the people you support feel as calm and comfortable asContinue reading “Creative Ideas For Keeping Cool”

Outstanding Activities – The Storybox Project AT HOME

Image credit: James Mulkeen The 2013 NICE Report ‘Dementia: independence and wellbeing’ stated that “It is important that people with dementia can take part in leisure activities during their day that are meaningful to them. People have different interests and preferences about how they wish to spend their time. People with dementia are no exception but increasingly needContinue reading “Outstanding Activities – The Storybox Project AT HOME”

New Storybox Dates in Bury and Tameside

Do you have memory loss or dementia? Do you support someone with memory loss or dementia? Storybox – Creative Cafe is a welcoming and fun creative group offering fun, creative activities designed especially for people with memory loss or dementia and their family and friends. We are currently running groups that are open to allContinue reading “New Storybox Dates in Bury and Tameside”