The Storybox Project at Ashton Library

Are you living with dementia? Or do you support someone with dementia? STORYBOX – CREATIVE CAFÉ is delighted to be returning to Tameside Central Library offering fun, creative activities designed especially for people with dementia and their family and friends. Try something new! Meet people! Have fun! Each session will take a different theme asContinue reading “The Storybox Project at Ashton Library”

“Cinderella’s Pumpkin” – created at Knighthill House

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Is it a pineapple? Or a bunch of bananas? Whatever it is it’s cold. Is it a candle? Or an orange? Or an apple? Feels like fruit of some kind Feels funny Feels cold – brrrr! Can I eat it for my dinner? Lovely Silky Very nice Is it real? It’s bloomin’ heavyContinue reading ““Cinderella’s Pumpkin” – created at Knighthill House”

Bring Stories to Life – Lancashire Workforce Development Partnership

Last Thursday we spent the day in Preston with Lancashire Workforce Development Partnership. We spent the day working with a group of 10 care professionals investigating how participatory storytelling can be used to improve the health and well-being of people with dementia. The session was inspiring and though provoking, in particular around the consideration ofContinue reading “Bring Stories to Life – Lancashire Workforce Development Partnership”