Integrate rather than segregate

In Robin Wall Kimmerer’s magnificent book “Braiding Sweetgrass” she invites the reader to think about the fact that, in her view, “All flourishing is mutual.” Or put simply, that when we fail to be mutual we cannot flourish. We are only as vibrant, healthy, and alive as the most vulnerable among us. She goes onContinue reading “Integrate rather than segregate”

Nature’s Winter

We are delighted to be working with The Windermere Jetty to explore weather, its place in the natural world, and the way that it is changing. Weather surrounds us constantly. It links us to nature and grounds us as part of the natural world. There are few places that this link is so apparent asContinue reading “Nature’s Winter”

Every Street Has A Story To Tell

Every Street Has A Story To Tell is a celebration of community stories that we have been running in East Manchester since January 2013, culminating in a celebration event at Beswick Library on Saturday 6th April. At Small Things we are fascinated and inspired by community narratives and this project has been a superb demonstrationContinue reading “Every Street Has A Story To Tell”

You Tell Me Yours – Hazard Festival

We are delighted to have a piece of work in this year’s Hazard Festival in Manchester on Saturday 21st July. You Tell Me Yours is a brand new piece of performance asking: ” How often do you talk to teenagers that you don’t know?..How do you think you may see the world differently if youContinue reading “You Tell Me Yours – Hazard Festival”

Caravan at Brighton Festival

A brief but busy 24 hours in Brighton for Caravan as part of Brighton Festival. We spent our time: Seeing sun like we hadn’t seen in ages and basking in it on a beach full of people who’d had exactly the same idea as us. Trying to eat incredibly melty Brighton Rock ice-cream before our fingers got too coveredContinue reading “Caravan at Brighton Festival”