Treasury of Art Activities for Older People

Over the last year we have been delighted to work with The Baring Foundation to create a treasury of arts activities for older people. This consists of 50 activities to be used in any setting with older people and includes contributions from some of the leading artists and organisations creating work with, by and forContinue reading “Treasury of Art Activities for Older People”

Looking Forward – New Year’s Resolutions

Do you like making New Year’s resolutions? For many people the start of a new year offers a tangible point in time to look forward, and to think about where they want to head next. For those of us working creatively with older people, in particular those living with dementia, life can be busy toContinue reading “Looking Forward – New Year’s Resolutions”

Thinking About Reminisence

In all of the work that we do in The Storybox Project we use themes as a starting point supported by a variety of music, props and costume. We create sensory and fun experiences where games are played and stories are made up to encourage togetherness, improve concentration and lift mood. The emphasis of theContinue reading “Thinking About Reminisence”

Working Without Words

When working with people living with dementia the reality is that many of the participants that you engage with may be experiencing varying degrees of difficulty with verbal communication. In the later stages of dementia this may reach the point where people no longer have any level of communication in a verbal sense. This couldContinue reading “Working Without Words”

Thinking About… Working With Older People

It is a brilliant development that it is increasingly common to come across creative projects specifically targeting older people. Be it a music project collaborating with a professional orchestra or a craft project in a local church hall, it is now much easier to find participatory work focussed in this area. But what do weContinue reading “Thinking About… Working With Older People”

Creative Ideas For Keeping Cool

Hot summer weather is a real treat but it can also be an uncomfortable and unsettling time for people who are living with dementia. Alongside all the standard advice for keeping cool how can you use the creative activities that you are planning to help the people you support feel as calm and comfortable asContinue reading “Creative Ideas For Keeping Cool”

Creative Approaches to Person Centred Care

Image credit: Roshana Rubin Mayhew When there are so many different ways to engage older people in residential and daycare settings what are the benefits of choosing to take a creative approach by using the arts as a starting point? Evidence shows that the arts can have a direct and positive impact on the healthContinue reading “Creative Approaches to Person Centred Care”