Was It Something I Said?

Was it Something I Said?

Performed at Capitol Theatre, Manchester on 13th and 14th April 2012

Created in partnership with norfox and The Library Theatre Company, Was It Something I Said is a brand new piece of performance created with and by young people with audiences of all ages in mind.

Life is all about communication. In a constantly changing environment we are bombarded wherever we go with information via mobile phones and the internet. So how do we make our voices heard and say exactly what we want to say?

This unique piece of performance entirely devised by the company is a powerful yet playful work where norfox‘s young performers take control of the stage and share their experiences of being a teenager and the challenges they face communicating in the modern world.

It takes the audience by the hand and asks them to help answer some of the age old questions of youth…

How can I get across my ideas?

Why does nobody understand who I am?

Will I ever eat lobster?

“Was it Something I Said? demonstrates how social engagement, with imagination and integrity, can make an outstanding piece of art. There was no us and them, young and old, audience and performer. We were all in it together. This is art that meant something, to everyone.”  Audience feedback