The Resonance of Seclusion

The Resonance of Seclusion

Written and Directed by Liz Postlethwaite

Originally performed on 4th, 5th and 6th October 2011 at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

Toured in early 2013 through the support of Arts Council England / Grants for the Arts

In the year 2000 artist Joash Woodrow left his home in Leeds for the final time to move to a new life in sheltered housing in North Manchester. Having lived as a recluse for almost 40 years few people could believe what was discovered when the contents of the house were finally revealed. Despite his apparent seclusion Joash had painted and drawn throughout his life filling, the rooms of the normal suburban semi with over 700 paintings, 3000 drawings and hundreds and hundred of books.

Join Small Things to discover an extraordinary story inspired by one man’s unstoppable drive to create and the equally unstoppable support of his family that made his artistic life a reality.

A story of amazing discoveries, journeys that last over the years and brothers quietly growing old together. And that questions what makes great art and what makes a great artist.

This show has been made possible through the generous support of Saul and Sylvia Woodrow, The Joash Woodrow Archive and 108 Fine Art