Nature’s Winter

We are delighted to be working with The Windermere Jetty to explore weather, its place in the natural world, and the way that it is changing.

Weather surrounds us constantly.

It links us to nature and grounds us as part of the natural world.

There are few places that this link is so apparent as in the Lake District.

However, for many of us, modern life means that this primeval connection is lost. Driving from place to place, working, playing and relaxing indoors, shopping in supermarkets… Frequently our contemporary way of life leaves little time to truly reflect upon the beauty of weather and the way it connects us to the planet that we inhabit.

Nature’s Winter invites you to stop for a moment to observe the weather as it constantly changes around you. It invites you to take in this physical manifestation of nature, and to look beyond to observe in more detail the natural world.

To create Nature’s Winter we have worked in partnership with local communities around Lake Windermere and with visitors to Windermere Jetty inviting them to become weather collectors, gathering and sharing experiences of the weather from the present, but also from the past and the future. From telling stories, to looking up to the sky to paint the clouds, this collaborative process has asked everybody who has taken part to slow down and to concentrate solely on the weather for a while.

The installation that we are creating will share many of the incredible things that we have observed and collected, and will invite visitors to slow down for a moment and to bask in the weather, however it comes.

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