Mirror Mirror – Call for participants.



It is a conference that London College of Fashion have developed around the theme of fashion and ageing. We have been asked to produce a performance lecture on the same theme for the conference. The conference is on in October.

Tell us more about the performance lecture you have been asked to make?

 It is called How Do You See Me and will involve working with a group of older people aged 50 and over to create an informal performance lecture sharing their own experiences of fashion / identity and how these experiences have changed as they have got older.

How many people will be involved?

Ideally we are looking to work with a group of 5 or 6 people, but are flexible to work with more or less.

How will the creative process work?

We will come together initially for a couple of days in September gathering ideas and starting to investigate our thoughts and feelings around the theme. We will then spend just over a week working intensively to pull together the performance in October.

What dates will you be working?

Saturday 21st September

Saturday 28th September

21st – 25th October

28th and 29th October

When will the final performance take place?

There will be a performance at London College of Fashion, which is off Oxford Circus on 30th October. We will also be finding a space to do another performance for family and friends in Manchester around the same time.

How do I get involved?

Drop us and email or call to let us know you are interested and we will send you a form to fill in. Then attend our taster workshop in September (date tbc)

Any other questions?

Email: liz@smallthings.org.uk

Call: 07941 218 435

Image Credit: Ari Seth Cohen for Advanced Style