Every Street Has A Story To Tell

Every Street Has A Story To Tell is a celebration of community stories that we have been running in East Manchester since January 2013, culminating in a celebration event at Beswick Library on Saturday 6th April. At Small Things we are fascinated and inspired by community narratives and this project has been a superb demonstration of why these stories are so fascinating. We have worked with young mums in Clayton creating memory books for them to share with their children, our writer in residence Sarah Butler has developed wonderful writing with Justlife in Openshaw and visual artists have worked with people of all ages across the area to create models and drawings reflecting the reality and aspiration of the places that they live.

The project has proved to us that fact is often much more wonderful than fiction, and that sharing and making stories together is a brilliant way of finding common ground and bringing people together.


by Justlife and Sarah Butler

Where it dips, there,
they’re the alleyways,
a strip of sunken setts
between a line of vanished houses.

These low fences
like stitches across grass
mark where the front doors
used to be.

These are the ones
they didn’t knock down.

These are the ones
they stopped building.

It’s coming, though, the regeneration.