“Cinderella’s Pumpkin” – created at Knighthill House


Cinderella’s Pumpkin

Is it a pineapple?

Or a bunch of bananas?

Whatever it is it’s cold.

Is it a candle? Or an orange? Or an apple?

Feels like fruit of some kind

Feels funny

Feels cold – brrrr!

Can I eat it for my dinner?



Very nice

Is it real?

It’s bloomin’ heavy I can tell you that!

It’s smooth

It’s in out in out in out

Like you could cut it into slices

A deep yellow

Creamy coloured.

It’s heavy. Very heavy

But it doesn’t look like it should be.

It’s exotic.

What is it?

Is it a pumpkin?

I’ve got a feeling it’s something else

I’ve never seen one like that before

It’s lovely

It’s tiny

With a spiky, rough stalk

It couldn’t be a melon could it?

With it’s orangey colour

Feels like a big lemon

With orange lines

It’d break your teeth if you tried to eat it.

Like a passion

Like winter

But Spring colours, like Easter

Like autumn

Like Halloween

But you couldn’t grow one here

You’d need a greenhouse

To grow this exotic fruit

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