Caravan at Brighton Festival

A brief but busy 24 hours in Brighton for Caravan as part of Brighton Festival. We spent our time:

Seeing sun like we hadn’t seen in ages and basking in it on a beach full of people who’d had exactly the same idea as us.

Trying to eat incredibly melty Brighton Rock ice-cream before our fingers got too covered in sugar and stickiness.

Meeting digital friends for the first time in reality, talking about permaculture adventures and looking at prints in an old boat shed.

Catching up with old friends over pizzas eaten up above the waves whilst talking about travels in Cuba, Africa and beyond.

Making  new contacts at home and abroad and planting the seeds of future plans, before having discussions about real life guerilla gardeners.

Learning that everyone loves young people. Especially if they are dressed in boiler shoots and firing silly string at each other.

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