A Day’s R&D With Lowri Evans


What would happen if I wasn’t here?

What does it mean to be needy and vulnerable?

How do I find place and meaning in the context of the infinity of time?

Time and momentum – how do I move forwards and leave a mark.

Quantification – 80 and a half grapes.

Quantification – a lot but nothing at all.

The Butterfly Effect.

What does it mean to be a female heroine?

Marilyn Monroe (36), Lady Di (36), Buddy Holly (22), Jim Morrison (27), Kurt Cobain (27), Mozart (35), Jesus (33), Heath Ledger (28), James Dean (24), Ian Curtis (23), Jean Harlow (26), Jimi Hendrix (27), Janis Joplin (27), River Phoenix (23), Otis Reading (26), Tupac Shakur (25), Amy Winehouse (27)

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